NFL Week 2 Plays

I watched the beginning of the Bears/Saints game, before it got out of hand, and then a number of the other games. During the 4pm window, I watched a great performance by Tom Brady and the Patriots. Finally, I was engrossed by the Sunday Night Football matchup of the Falcons vs. Eagles. Looking to do better than my NFL Week 1 performance.

The big injury of the week was devastating to my fantasy football team. Jamaal Charles is down and out for the season, and this pretty much puts the nail in the coffin for the Kansas City Chiefs, who were completely stomped by Detroit. I will probably avoid betting on/against the Chiefs for the rest of the year, because man they are BAD, and now have major injuries on both sides of the ball. Conversely, Detroit has been the sweetheart of the public, but they are the Lions, come on. I will still be going against them, depending on matchups/price.

Chicago Bears +8 v New Orleans Saints: LOSS
I was really impressed by the Bears effort in week 1, and was expecting their defense to come up big again this week, but it was not the case. Cutler and Forte were very effective in the early going, but Breesus Christ and the Saints were just too much for them. I got this +8 number very early in the week, and it closed at 6.5 or 7, so I think there was value. The Saints are just good.

Tampa Bay Bucs +3 Minnesota Vikings: WIN
Josh Freeman and his Tampa boys lost in game 1 to the Lions, and I figured they would come out firing this game. I am a big fan of this team, and consider them underrated. Also, I am not a believer in the Minnesota, although no one can deny Peterson's skills in RB, and with Mcnabb in QB, will be seeing plenty of action again this year. Tampa Bay won this game outright, and I am pleased with my pick here, straight value play.

Cincinnati Bengals +5.5 Denver Broncos: WINI feel a little lucky about this pick, but I mostly just went with it because the Bengals were coming off a week one win, where they surprised a lot of us, and Denver looked bad in their season opener, which happened to be a 10:30 pm Monday night game, so I figured the Bengals would be a little more fresh and confident. They wound up losing a close game, and I covered.

Seattle Seahawks +15 Pittsburgh Steelers: LOSS

This was my own fault, the number of +15 looked too good, and I should have considered the Steelers would set out to make a point after losing to Baltimore in week one. (who I figured would have a better game, and like in week 3) This was a blowout, and I will probably avoid games like this in the future, or maybe bet a half unit instead of a whole.

Atlanta Falcons +2.5 Philly Eagles: WIN

The public loves Philly, but I could not get on board with them being a favorite in Atlanta. Matty Ice is a pretty good QB, especially at home. Julio Jones made an insane late game catch. I think I got a pretty good number, as the smart money brought this down closer to a point at game time, but that's why I get my bets in early in the week! Who knows if I win if Vick stays in the game though, Philly may be the real deal!

Week Two total: +$8.18

Overall: -$2.49

Feel free to check out the above spreadsheet, at any time on Google Docs, I update my plays when I lock them in.

EDIT: Monday Night - I decided to take a flyer on the NYG under, will update the results after!

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