How I Cook Salmon

This is not really a recipe, as my method of cooking is far too simple to be called a recipe.  The most important step is getting high quality salmon.  I generally prefer Coho and Sockeye, both are delicious.  Must be wild-caught.  Watch out for when you see the sign says "color added," who wants color added to their food?

The other necessary ingredients are coconut oil, my preferred method of sauteeing, along with salt and pepper for seasoning.

I sliced the salmon into four pieces, as it was a rather large fillet

Put a couple scoops of coconut oil into the frying pan and turn it onto medium.  I like non-stick, but its mostly because I am lazy.

Throw those steaks in there and let em cook

When one side looks like this, you flip em over.  Usually takes about 5 minutes or less.  You don't want to over cook salmon.  I prefer to eat skin on, but thats your preference!

Warm up some veggies for a side, I went with kale and broccoli.  A couple tabs of butter and some salt and pepper when they are cooked

Voila, healthy paleo-friendly dinner!

Pair with red wine, seltzer water, or an IPA


Frank Pepe's Pizza and Beer

Frank Pepe's is a New Haven Pizzeria that makes in my opinion some of the best pies in the world.  Thin sliced, cut in a ridiculous fashion, and cooked in a wood oven.  You can accompany this pizza with cheap red wine or beer.  I chose to go with an IPA on its last legs, given as a gift from my brother on Christmas.  He doesn't know that IPAs need to be super fresh to really be top notch, but I cant blame him.  The head is certainly wrong on this pour, but I let it cool down while digging into the pie.  Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest Wet Hop IPA and a Pie with Cheese, Bacon, and Mushrooms.



Christmas is great, family, gift-giving, basketball, food, and drink.  Cold weather outside, warm clothing inside.  Everyone in good spirits.  College kids on break.  People returning to their hometowns.  Silent Night.

My wonderful wife gave me a bottle of De Proef x Hair of the Dog Flanders Fred and an Ibex Shak.  Looking forward to enjoying both of these great gifts!

Celtics won convincingly.

Bloody Maries were consumed, with sriracha.

200th post...


1st Quarter Mark of Boston Celtics Season

All the readers of this blog know and hopefully tolerate my constant ramblings of my favorite team in sports: the Boston Celtics.  The 2012-2013 version of the team is not the powerhouse of years past, but I started the season very confident.  In the offseason, the Celtics lost Ray Allen.  Obviously this upset me, and I named my fantasy team Judas Shuttlesworth for the year.  However, we had a great draft including getting Jarred Sullinger late in the first round, which is pretty impressive since he had been projected as a lottery pick just a year ago, but slipped because of injury risks.  Also, they added Jason Terry and Courtney Lee in the backfield, resigned Brandon Bass, and got Uncle Jeff back from his scary heart condition. 

They did not start all that hot and are at approximately .500 winning percentage at the quarter mark of the season.  Unimpressive defense, lack of big men, and falling apart when Kevin Garnett go to the bench are the main gripes I have been hearing.  Rondo was suspended for getting in a pushing match with Kris Humphries and we are still awaiting the return of Avery Bradley.  Pierce has been disappointing this year, but he is likely to improve as the season continues. 

As the new guys get more comfortable, the defense has improved, and the offense has consistently been good, which is a welcome addition.  In the past few years, we had struggled to create baskets, being forced to run Ray off a ton of screens.  I am still cautiously optimistic about the year, but increased competition from the two teams in New York within our Atlantic division may challenge the Celtics winning their fifth straight division championship and being relegated to the wild card.


Beer Review: Founder's Breakfast Stout

Founder's Breakfast Stout is one of my favorite beers.  Clocking in at a heft 8.3% ABV this "Double Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Stout" probably has more calories than some breakfasts. In addition, it is absolutely one of my favorite winter beers, regardless of what time of day.

The beer pours a dark black, with a big, brown, fluffy head that dissapates fairly quickly.  Definitely a handsome looking stout.  I poured this at about 55 degrees, which I think is the appropriate temperature for this beer.  Sticking my nose into the tulip glass, I pick up all kinds of chocolate and coffee flavors.  I have had this beer many times before, but the smell is really fantastic.  The beer is not overly thick in mouthfeel.  It has significant booziness, but it is still quite drinkable.  Definitely a bargain at $12.99/4pack.

I have already professed my love for 4 packs before, but let me take a moment to emphasize the value again!