Berkshire Brewing - Franklin Land Trust Preservation Ale

I enjoyed this beer while at my wife's college, Mt. Holyoke, in the Pioneer Valley of a Western Massachussetts, a fine craft beer destination.  I stopped at Table & Vine in West Springfield, looking to pick up some local beers to share with my uncle, visiting from Detroit, but also wanted to enjoy a beer that night.  For $4.50, it is certainly a fair price for a bomber of beer, and it was advertised as a "classic IPA" which would taste like the IPAs of yore.  I am a sucker for hoppy beers, and a big fan of Berkshire Brewing, so I decided to take the plunge, even with only one Beeradvocate review.

The beer has a spicey aftertaste, and is pretty grassy.  It is not a standard American hopped IPA, and is more closely related to our English brethren's rendition of the IPA.  Like all BBC beers, it is incredibly drinkable, and tasty. I am a big fan of the artwork on BBC bottles too, check out a close up below.

Part of the money will go to conserving the Franklin Land Trust, which keeps Western Mass's Franklin County bucolic and beautiful.  I apologize for the messy background and Lubriderm lotion bottle!

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