Sierra Nevada: Anniversary Ale

Cascade Hops aplenty

This Blackberry Bold 9700 camera is a lot better than the Bold 9000, but no Iphone

Last Minute Gift Idea

wow this is fuckin' awesome!

Bi-Monthly Belt Club

The Belt of the Month Club! Well not really, more like the belt of every other month club. Six times a year we will deliver a brand new belt to some lucky recipient. Starting with Christmas (Santa, Wreath or a Candy Cane), and then followed by Valentine’s Day (Big Red Heart), St Patrick’s Day (Shamrock), Memorial Day/4th Of July (American Flag), Halloween (Jack O Lantern) and Thanksgiving (Turkey). All are premium quality and hand made in Essex, Connecticut. Truly a present for the man who has everything.

Six Belts, individually delivered a week before each Holiday - $135.


Every single one of these images made me smile...

last final push of my undergraduate career, need to stop and enjoy shit, so for everyone buggin' out, enjoy these things

lots of colors and patterns! I dig everything but the ascot


Me Gusta Mister Mort

He is the love of the blog world lately, I mean he is literally all over the place. Not my first and probably not my last time complementing him.

His keys to success are not entirely unique, but definitely well executed

1) Take Sartorialist style photos of hipsters/cool guys around the world wearing vintage clothing
via the Sartorialist

2) Run with PR machine Michael Williams and the ACL/Pop Up Flea crew, I don't have any repsect for a guy who uses his blog as a business to promote the highest bidder, at least call a shill a shill, I really hope nobody believes this guy is unbiased... back to the topic at hand

Mort and the A Continiuous Loser

3) Develop and sell related products (neck wear, braces, hats and hopefully more accessories coming soon)

Dark and Stormy hat will keep me hoping for warmer days with Gosling Black Seal and Barritt's Ginger Beer when Summer rolls back around

Along the way it helps to do a lot of guest posts, have a quality Twitter account, garner some glowing praise (see #2) and last but certainly not least, practice what you preach and get photographed rocking the finest blue-collar-at-white-collar-price-heritage-American-clothing

hats off to you Mister Mordechai Rubenstein!

PS: Grew up in Providence, RI huh? I am living on Blackstone Boulevard on the East Side currently!


Old LL Bean Catalog: Field Coat and Maine Guide Field Boots

Don't these boots look just like the Red Wing 875s that everyone has been jocking nowadays. They are $89 for the uninsulated ones and $110 with Goretex and $10 more to add Thinsulate. The moccasin toe look is my favorite for boots, just like the 875.

Also the Upland Field Coat looks really good as it was the subject of a recent post over at Heavy Tweed Jacket. The cotton lined joint is the one he picked and I cosign. I have a bunch of LL Bean items and I really admire their quality and the outdoorsy New England aesthetic.


What Did You Wear Today

I haven't done WDYWT in awhile, so here it goes:

Supreme Mountain Plaid Flannel
J.Crew Cords
Vans Half Cabs

Holiday Shopping List

This list is by no means exhaustive, and is certainly not going to be the best of the blogosphere, but I hope the readers of this blog will enjoy and potentially utilize this. Anyone who receives one of these gifts is going to be mighty happy. Also, feel free to send this link to your clueless grandmother or significant other...

1.) J.Press - Shaggy Dog Sweater - $165 - A J.Press classic made of Shetland wool, exclusively for Press. I buy my Shetlands here or at Andover Shop but the key decision making factor for me recommending the J.Press variety is the color! Bright colors are a huge part of trad, why wear forest green when you can wear kelly? Navy when this particular shade of blue can be had?

2) Filson - 222 Medium Duffle Bag - $280 - An awesome bag that has been discussed consistently in the blog world, and for good reason. Fine construction, good aesthetics, and amazing utility make this one of the best duffle bags money can buy. Perfect for the hunt or the weekend trip with the in-laws. Tan color, naturally.

3) Apple - Magic Mouse - $69 - Apparently simple, but remarkably sophisticated, courtesy of multi-touch sensor enabled mouse. Watch the video to be convinced quickly.

4) Ommegang Brewery - 10th Anniversary Gift Pack - $23.99 - Satisfy any beer lover with this set from Cooperstown, NY based Ommegang Brewery. Consisting of three 750 ml bottles of their favorites: Hennepin, Three Philosophers and Chocolate Indulgence. Also included is a logo glass, this might seem expensive for beer, but I consider this a bargain.

5) LL Bean - 8" Bean Boots w/ Goretex and Thinsulate - $134 - "Keeping Feet Dry for 95 Years" is no small feat for a pair of boots. Freeport, Maine based LL Bean's signature product, discussed everywhere, but a favorite of mine is by my fellow blogger L.A.S. of Sartorially Inclined. These are one of the most stylish yet utilitarian gifts you can give, unisex and useful. Personally, I have had a pair of these since I was a child, couldn't make it through Boston slushfest (November - March) without them.

6) Field Notes - Colors Subscription of Notebooks - $129 - As a huge fan of Field Notes and pocket notebooks in general, this is an AWESOME gift. I have always wanted to pull the trigger on the colors subscription, which if you read the image above gives you 24 pocket notebooks over the course of the year, 6 of 4 different shades. While I admit that's a fairly high price, these notebooks are the business! Cool details, great quality and always by my side. Moleskine is a viable alternative, also ATL recommended!

7) Supreme - Suede Front Sweater - $179 - The only word to describe this sweater/jacket is RAD. I love the vintage styling, and although it is a small percentage acrlyic, which I usually avoid on principal, I want this sweater so bad. As of now, only available in store, but I assume it will become available before 12/25 on their online shop. Supreme usually puts out one or two dark horse pieces per season, and this is definitely one of them. If you have an art collector on your Christmas list, instead grab him a Damien Hirst x Supreme dot deck, available Monday (11-23)!

8) Clarks Originals - Wallabee Weaver Moccasin - ~$120 - Available across the pond only for now, this revival of a classic Padmore & Barnes design has been making me salivate for months now. I have the original, which I also got from a fellow in London, and although they are getting old, they are still one of my favorite shoes. I may rationalize myself into buying the brown as I already own the sand. Either way, this item of footwear is a sture thing: stylish, comfortable, and timeless.

9) Freestyle Games - DJ Hero Bundle - $98 - Everyone has heard of Guitar Hero, but the newest offering DJ Hero allows the "Disk Jockey" to mix two tracks together from a massive pool of R&B, Hip Hop, Techno and so forth. Samples and effects can be added in via the unique and proprietary controls that mimic a realistic mixer and fader. Check out the video for a demo!

10) Gold Futures - currently a bargain at $1150/oz- according to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard who says Gold could easily reach $6300, which is the equivalent value that it reached in the 1970s when similar economic conditions spooked central governments into the precious metal. With the Federal Reserve and US Government destroying the dollar's value and likely sparking inflation in the near future, gold is going to continue going up. This gift will be appreciated more than any a few years down the road much more than a savings bond, which will probably lose value for your children or grandchildren by the time they cash it.

South Willard "Functionality and Quality"

South Willard is designed with the utmost simplicity in mind.

The line is heavily inspired by growing up California, and the subtle changes in the landscape through the seasons that are noticed by the discerning eye.

We set out to make something that didn’t really pertain to any one kind of person, and hope that people from all walks of life can use our products.

Functionality and Quality are very important to us.

Our jackets are made by Crescent Down Works in Seattle, denim in Okayama Japan, and shoes by Quoddy Trail in Maine. All with meticulous attention to detail.

Somehow we wanted to make these clothes modern but with a light hand.

We believe the best clothes have a subtlety involved that truly is the hardest thing to achieve in design.

We try to always follow this design philosophy.

Hopefully one day your South Willard purchase can end up as a quality vintage garment that someone else may own and it can have another life.