Fall Staples

Boy, it was a great summer, cookouts, hiking, and a big move.  With football starting and the weather getting chilly, New England autumn is creeping up on us.  I may take a trip up to Vermont in October to do some leaf peeping and get some Heady Topper cans at The Alchemist.  Here are some of my wardrobe staples for the upcoming season.

Barbour Bedale

Waxed cotton is always a favorite of mine, especially on dreary, foggy, cool days.  Made in England, the capital of dreary, foggy, cool days.

Patagonia Snap-T Fleece

Warm, affordable, available in a ton of great colors.  An old stand-by.

Crewneck Sweaters

Some older vintage shetland wool sweaters are in my rotation, along with more recent J.Crew lambswool joints.  Hopefully a J.Press Shaggy Dog is in my future for my birthday!

Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirts

Really these are a year-round staple, although I call on them much less during the summer.  I will often throw an aforementioned crewneck sweater on top of the shirt, especially when November rolls around.  Good options are Mercer and Sons, J.Press, Brooks Brothers, Land's End & LL Bean.

Red Wing Boots

I personally wear the classic 875s, although the Gentleman Travelers above are extremely temting

Raw Denim

Looks great with your Barbour Bedale jacket, this dark unwashed denim fades and fits your body as it gets older.  These are the only jeans I wear.  Check out APC New Standard or anything at Self Edge.

Filson Alaskan Flannel

Flannels are my weekend staple until March and "no one makes them better than Filson."  Great colors and built like a tank.

Any other reccomendations?  Leave a comment!

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