Hey guys, I play a decent amount of online poker, but I have taken the last few months off. A week ago, I deposited $25 bucks and got to it. I quickly won at 5NL and was up to $80 in a few hours. After that, I decided to take it more seriously and try to grind it out.

I started 12 tabling the 5NL 6max games, which are pretty soft, and my first session, at night on Sunday, probably the softest game time I won 6 Buyins and was over $100 Bankroll

Monday I played 3 Sessions, 20 minutes in the morning, and 3.5 hours spread over 2 sessions at night. Bankroll ended at about $130. I am planning to take a couple shots at $10NL next month, and will update that. Also I am at roughly 530 VPPs for the month, with 3 days to go. I am going to try to reach 750 VPPs so I can make SilverStar for April - to make double the FPPs, which is essentially rakeback. Also at 750 VPPs, you reach the first Stellar Bonus, which is an additional $10 to pad the BR.

Some of my goals are to play fewer tables at the new limit, and take notes of relevant hands.

Going to play a little more tonight and will update with BR/VPP progress. Thanks for listening


LONG hiatus

I have been very busy with life, plus I ran out of topics to discuss, but I am back. I am going to try to renovate this blog, and also make some new posts talking about the different stuff going on in my life. I think it is a good idea to write and keep some kind of a journal, so I will try to do that as much as I can. I am gonna talk about some of the beers I have been drinking, work, finance, poker, life in general. Thanks for following this blog, and I hope I can deliver some quality content!