My Fantasy Football League Draft


Last night was our league's fantasy football draft.  Yes, I know it was a bit last minute, but we wanted to make sure the league would be serious.  We are only doing a $20 buy-in, but it should be enought to keep things serious, and we can bump it up to $50 next year if things go well.  I was happy to get the 2nd pick, but I knew that would mean I would be in for long periods without being able to draft anyone, no bother. 

The league commissioner, managed to get first pick, and took Peterson, so I decided to go with Jamaal Charles, although I considered Ray Rice and Mike Vick (who ended up going 5th).  The only surprise of the first round was Aaron Rodgers went 3rd overall, but that was by @GoGreenMorimoto who is known for making unorthodox picks.  Corey's team was able to draft Andre Johnson 9th and Lasean McCoy 12th, which is pretty strong. 

I was able to grab Drew Brees in 19th, although I wouldn't have been upset with Philip Rivers who went 20th. @ComedyDogg foiled me by taking Larry Fitzgerald at 21, but it was alright, because I took Greg Jennings 23rd.  @MrRodgersBelt took Matt Ryan with the 26th pick, which I thought was extremely bizzare, since I had considered Matty Ice for a 12th round backup QB pick.  I wanted Matt Forte as my 2nd RB, but @Draze45 snatched him at 25th, so I settled for LaGarette Blount (we ended up making a trade, later)  Obviously, this was a speculative pick, but Draze was planning on picking him up in the next round anyways.  I took Mike Williams 42nd, which may have been a mistake, looking back on it. 

Since I wasn't in love with Williams, I decided to take Mario Manningham 59th, who I will probably use as my WR/RB flex guy, and could possibly be my second string receiver (I am expecting to have a big year, even as a 2nd option)  Then I took Shonn Greene 62nd, which I believe will be good value.  Matt Carle made a fairly speculative pick on Mark Ingram 68th, which is a bit aggressive/hopeful, but could pan out quite well. 

I took Fred Jackson 79th, which I still regret, but its more of a bet against CJ Spiller, who I underrate dramatically.  TE Zach Miller was taken 80th, so I decided to grab my TE, Jimmy Graham at this point, which turned out to be a good move, since I had him ranked 7th TE overall, and @Draze45 was planning to take him next (included in the trade)  I definitely think Jimmy will have a big year.

I was somewhat upset that Julio Jones was picked up 86th, since I planned to take him with my next pick.  Instead I took Joseph Addai, who will probably be relied on heavily, especially with Peyton Manning's season in question.  I know my next 3 picks would be seen as somewhat speculative, and probably have no problem making it through, so I grabbed Eli Manning, who is a solid backup QB, and with 2 great weapons (Nicks & Manningham) will throw for plenty of yards/TDs this year.  (People had already started drafting Kickers/Defenses at this point, LOL)

I was happy the I could grab Greg Olsen, who may be my starting TE, after the trade with Draze with pick 119.  I took Michael Crabtree and Danny Amendola, who could both have breakout style years, or be busts, I am fine with that.  With my final 2 picks I was plenty happy to get the Bears D/S/T and Oakland's Sebastien Janikowski, they will both do fine and I wouldn't want to waste earlier picks to get someone marginally better.  @ComedyDogg made a clown pick and took Mark Sanchez with the last pick, and he already had 2 QB's, but was just doing it for the laughs, since we were all ragging on him for taking Sanchez in the 6th round in his other draft.

Now, for the trade I mentioned.  I have Jamaal Charles as my 1st running back but I had my eye on Forte as a backup, since he gets a decent amount of catching yards in addition to his running, and I don't have a ton of faith in Cutler throwing the ball.  However, @Draze45 picked him up before I could get him, so I settled for Blount, who is unproven, but could definitely break out this year.  I was also pretty happy with my Jimmy Graham TE pick, but he's not a sure thing.  I was presented with a bogus trade offer that included Ochocinco, but responded back with a real offer, since I knew he was interested in Blount.  I offered Blount and Graham for Forte and Marcedes Lewis.  Many would rank Lewis above Graham and everyone considers Forte is more solid than Blounte, so I think I made a good play.  I have a good backup with Greg Olsen, who will be getting a lot of passes from rookie Cam Newton in Carolina, so I felt it was worth it so I could get Forte, and really fill out my starting lineup.  I also got the best player in the trade, so that's always a good feeling.

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