Winter Beers: Samuel Adams and Smuttynose

I love craft beer. I love New England. One of the features of both of these things is that they have distinct seasons. Although traditions and similarities prevail year round, I look forward to the unique characteristics of each season.

Samuel Adams Winter Lager
Bock 5.80% ABV

I have been working on a 12 pack of this for the past week or so

Dark pour, decent lacing, small quickly dispersing head
Nice “winter spices” in the aroma
Taste is very malty, cinnamon and other spices as well, not much hop presence
Not as drinkable as the Smuttynose, won’t buy much more of it this season, it is just that in my region, which is Sam Adam’s home base, 12 packs can be had for the reasonable price of 11.99+deposit.


Smuttynose Winter Ale

Dubbel 4.80% ABV

Pours very dark, not much head that disperses quickly, little lacing
Malty smell and taste, dry finish, some spices in there, sweet with some very light fruit notes
Light and drinkable, subtle, but complex flavor that I think is well executed


Whole Foods Buffalo Chicken Bites

Great deal for the price. I added some Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce for good measure. The package included a “fresh ranch dressing” which I made use of. Plenty of chicken for under $3.00, good company to winter beers.

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