What Did You Wear Today

I haven't done WDYWT in awhile, so here it goes:

Supreme Mountain Plaid Flannel
J.Crew Cords
Vans Half Cabs


L.A.S said...

Half cabs get no love. Everyone is all over authentics and eras...its a shame. You could/should do a whole post on the awesomeness that is the half cab.

A said...

thanks man, ya I grew up skating, so half cabs are kinda just like skate kicks to me. Today was a study/chill out day so I didn't bother getting too dressy.

if i had only kept some of my older cabs, would make a great post!

The Enthusiast said...

Authentics and Eras don't really work skating, so I'm told. Good to see someone not riding the bandwagon and sticking with what works for them.

Anonymous said...

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