Late Autumn Outfit

Steven Alan - Solid Knit Beanie - Black
Crescent Down Works - 60/40 Montagne Parka - Army Green
The Hill-Side - Chambray Scarf - Black
Iron Heart - Super Heavy Winter Flannel - Blue
American Apparel - Organic Fine Jersey Tee (2001ORG) - white
Seiko - Orange Monster SKX781
Tanner - Skinny Standard Belt - Natural/Nickel
Supreme - Chinos - Tan
J.Crew - Camp/Boot Socks - Brown Greige
Red Wing - 8" Boots (David Z. excluisve) - Orro Russet
Blackberry - Bold 9700 (Onyx)
Allagash White Ale
Altadena Works - Teardrop Backpack -Slate Blue

any comments will be well considered


Robert said...

I'd opt for a Sugar Cane or Samurai belt and some slimmer J. Crew khakis. As for the watch I've never been into newer Seikos, the classic Seiko Bullhead is a favorite of mine. Or that Timex from J. Crew.

L.A.S said...

Killed it dude!

A said...

Ya I would too, tryna be conservative with the cake though, plus I already have a Tanner belt, and I like the work they do!

I can understand the slimmer khaki idea, but I am a bigger dude, dont alwaaays go for the slim look, plus Supreme quality blows it away.

This watch I included is stellar, highly recommended!