South Willard "Functionality and Quality"

South Willard is designed with the utmost simplicity in mind.

The line is heavily inspired by growing up California, and the subtle changes in the landscape through the seasons that are noticed by the discerning eye.

We set out to make something that didn’t really pertain to any one kind of person, and hope that people from all walks of life can use our products.

Functionality and Quality are very important to us.

Our jackets are made by Crescent Down Works in Seattle, denim in Okayama Japan, and shoes by Quoddy Trail in Maine. All with meticulous attention to detail.

Somehow we wanted to make these clothes modern but with a light hand.

We believe the best clothes have a subtlety involved that truly is the hardest thing to achieve in design.

We try to always follow this design philosophy.

Hopefully one day your South Willard purchase can end up as a quality vintage garment that someone else may own and it can have another life.

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