Link Roundup - October 28

I consider myself pretty entrepreneurial, and I have always wanted to run my own business. This article is an exploration of that subject, extolling the benefits and drawbacks of being your own boss. The pros are the freedom to do what interests you, passion for your business, and the pride for being responsible for a hopefully successful business while the cons are that it is actually a lot of work that can be lonely, and being solely responsible for the dull details. (mailing textbooks in this case) At least consider the idea, you may just find yourself with the best job ever! (manvsdebt)

Alden, one of the last few American shoemakers. The region south of Boston in Massachusetts used to be one of the most heavily concentrated with clothing and shoe manufacturers a century ago. Alden is located in Middleborough, MA, 30 minutes south of my parents home, in a very similar town. Epaulet of Brooklyn has a forthcoming collaboration with Alden on a Brixton boot and was able to make a very professional video and photo gallery of their visit to the factory. (epauletshop)

A favorite blogger of mine, Foster, who interned at Rogue's Gallery helped create a mural for Alex Carleton, also originally of Rogue's Gallery. The "inspiration wall" was for the LL Bean Signature, which has already had and will continue to have play here, event that happened a few weeks ago in NYC. Foster gathered a number of images relating to LL Bean and he posted some to his blog for those of us who couldn't make it (weren't invited) to enjoy. (a restless transplant)

The financial crisis of the past 18 months is no secret, and as a close follower of the finance world, this article hit home for me. Although it comes from a fairly technical site, maybe my favorite on the web, anyone who is interested in the fate of America should read it. Comparing the classic "bust out" scene of the local restaurant in Scorsese's Godfellas to the swindle that AIG and the Private Equity firms have given the taxpayer is pretty much on point. (zero hedge)

Great set of fall images. I have a deep respect for James' eye for quality and details. I admit that I have a bit of a thing for image posts and blogs, but this one is seriously top notch. (secret forts)

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