Me Gusta Mister Mort

He is the love of the blog world lately, I mean he is literally all over the place. Not my first and probably not my last time complementing him.

His keys to success are not entirely unique, but definitely well executed

1) Take Sartorialist style photos of hipsters/cool guys around the world wearing vintage clothing
via the Sartorialist

2) Run with PR machine Michael Williams and the ACL/Pop Up Flea crew, I don't have any repsect for a guy who uses his blog as a business to promote the highest bidder, at least call a shill a shill, I really hope nobody believes this guy is unbiased... back to the topic at hand

Mort and the A Continiuous Loser

3) Develop and sell related products (neck wear, braces, hats and hopefully more accessories coming soon)

Dark and Stormy hat will keep me hoping for warmer days with Gosling Black Seal and Barritt's Ginger Beer when Summer rolls back around

Along the way it helps to do a lot of guest posts, have a quality Twitter account, garner some glowing praise (see #2) and last but certainly not least, practice what you preach and get photographed rocking the finest blue-collar-at-white-collar-price-heritage-American-clothing

hats off to you Mister Mordechai Rubenstein!

PS: Grew up in Providence, RI huh? I am living on Blackstone Boulevard on the East Side currently!


L.A.S said...

Haha. I wish enough people read my blog as to where a guest post at Sart Inc meant anything more than a favor to ME. But yeah, Mr. Mort is the absoulte shit and any success he gets he totally deserves. Big ups to my herbrew brethren.

Mordechai said...

wow, too kind. howd i never see this?
thank you!
Mordechai Rubinstein