ATL Essentials 2012 Winter Edition

Let me begin by pointing out the new ATL Essentials page on the top of the blog.  These posts are some of my favorite on the site, and I really hope that people who read my blog will chime in with comments.

1) Merino Wool.  My favorite brand is Ibex, but I also like Smartwool and Icebreaker.  Merino wool is the best material you can buy.  It is good for the planet, sustainable, great for performance, and looks great too.  I stay warm in a variety of base and mid-layers.  My favorite piece is the Ibex Shak.

2) LL Bean Boots of varying size and color.  Great for slushy weather, and they look cool.

3) Arc'teryx Goretex Shells.  The best piece of outerwear money can buy.  Also, some of the most expensive.  Alpha SV is the highest end, and is on top of my wish list right now.  I would settle for an Alpha LT though!

4) Bloody Marys.  Use sriracha. I also like eggnog, and if you are going to drink craft beers, avoid the winter warmers and pick a nice stout or porter.  I don't have a problem, honest!

5) Reading.  I always love to read, but this is the best season to read indoors, by the fire, with a drink in hand.  I really don't have a problem.

6) Salmon.  Wild. Sockeye.  Here is How I Cook Salmon.

That's all til Spring folks.  Check out the other ATL Essentials post from Summer and Autumn!

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