ATL Essentials: Mid Summer Edition

 Summer is in full swing, and has it been a hot one here in the northeastern United States.  I have been loving getting out there and enjoying summer as best as possible.  I decided to put together a short list of the things that I can't live without during the summer, and a short write up on each of them. 

Loafers, no socks.  This is my footwear of choice, although I occasionally go for sneakers or more formal options, loafers are the summer stand-by.  They go great with both pants and shorts and sockless is the only way to go.  I prefer the full strapped loafers, but penny loafers, driving shoes and many other variations work as well.

Seltzer.  I used to be a big soda drinker, pre paleo, but now I get my carbonation fix from seltzer water.  Zero calories, ice cold, and refreshing on a warm day.  Many people prefer the imported Pelligrino, but I really like Poland Springs, especially the lime and mandarin orange flavors.

Vineyard Vines neckwear.  Bright colors, summery motifs, these are my favorite summer ties.

Patagonia Standup shorts.  I am a pretty big Patagonia fan in general, and the stand up shorts are possibly my favorite item.  They are designed for climbing, with the big pockets, but I think they look great and the fabric is incredibly thick.

Leatherman Ltd Motif Belts.  Leatherman makes affordable belts and are a product of Connecticut!  I prefer the nautical, sport, or fishing patterns, these are great summer belts.

Tennis.  I have recently picked up playing the sport, as a result of my wife taking classes.  We both have improved dramatically, and it is really a great competitive past time for us now.

Fresh produce.  Summers in New England are the best time for us to get fresh produce.  Grocery stores, farm stands, and farmers markets are the places to pick it up.  I love tomatos and really prefer the locally grown heirloom varieties, so I make sure to get my fill while available!

Duffle Bag.  Duffle bags are essential for a weekend getaway to Cape Cod, Maine, the Hamptons, Narragansett or any of the other great summer getaway locations near by.  Luckily Red Clay Soul, a blog I really like, written by a guy out of Charleston, gave a great rundown on duffle bags recently, and I urge you to check it out!

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Vineyard Vines ties scream "banking analyst".