How I Cook Salmon

This is not really a recipe, as my method of cooking is far too simple to be called a recipe.  The most important step is getting high quality salmon.  I generally prefer Coho and Sockeye, both are delicious.  Must be wild-caught.  Watch out for when you see the sign says "color added," who wants color added to their food?

The other necessary ingredients are coconut oil, my preferred method of sauteeing, along with salt and pepper for seasoning.

I sliced the salmon into four pieces, as it was a rather large fillet

Put a couple scoops of coconut oil into the frying pan and turn it onto medium.  I like non-stick, but its mostly because I am lazy.

Throw those steaks in there and let em cook

When one side looks like this, you flip em over.  Usually takes about 5 minutes or less.  You don't want to over cook salmon.  I prefer to eat skin on, but thats your preference!

Warm up some veggies for a side, I went with kale and broccoli.  A couple tabs of butter and some salt and pepper when they are cooked

Voila, healthy paleo-friendly dinner!

Pair with red wine, seltzer water, or an IPA

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