How I Cook Steaks

I enjoyed writing my last post on how I cook salmon, so I decided to follow up with how I cook steaks.  As usual, you want to start with good ingredients.  I prefer, but can't always afford grass fed beef.  This is just a nice sirloin from Whole Foods.  You will also need some frying oil, I generally use coconut, but olive works in a pinch.  Mushrooms and onions were what I had on hand, but you can go with just one or the other, or add pepper into the mix.

Turn the burner to medium high and put the coconut oil in

5 minutes to a side

If it starts to brown, not a problem at all. 

I started to take a couple of bites before snapping a pic.  The other steak is in the fridge, packed with some more frozen vegetables.  More kale and broccoli.  Lunch tomorrow!

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