Beer Review: Founder's Breakfast Stout

Founder's Breakfast Stout is one of my favorite beers.  Clocking in at a heft 8.3% ABV this "Double Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Stout" probably has more calories than some breakfasts. In addition, it is absolutely one of my favorite winter beers, regardless of what time of day.

The beer pours a dark black, with a big, brown, fluffy head that dissapates fairly quickly.  Definitely a handsome looking stout.  I poured this at about 55 degrees, which I think is the appropriate temperature for this beer.  Sticking my nose into the tulip glass, I pick up all kinds of chocolate and coffee flavors.  I have had this beer many times before, but the smell is really fantastic.  The beer is not overly thick in mouthfeel.  It has significant booziness, but it is still quite drinkable.  Definitely a bargain at $12.99/4pack.

I have already professed my love for 4 packs before, but let me take a moment to emphasize the value again!

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