Ray Allen Commits to Signing with Miami Heat

(Lebron tweeted this image)

As a huge Celtics fan, I was extremely disappointed when I saw that Ray Allen would be taking his talents to South Beach.  He has been an integral part of this Celtics team that I have loved over the past 5 years.  Although he has begun to age and break down, he is the leading 3 point scorer of all time.  He decided to sign with the Heat after the Celtics hurt his pride and dis-respected him by trying to complete a trade for OJ Mayo of Memphis at last year's trading deadline.  In addition, he cites his fractured relationship with Rajon Rondo as a reason why he would not re-sign here in Boston, even though we offered him double the $3 million Miami is capable of offering.

I am sad about this, because I was a huge Ray Allen fan.  In addition, he is joining our most hated competitor and already a talented squad in Miami.  It hurts to see someone you feel is part of your team go to the hated rival and overall bad guy of the league.  If he were to go to another team, particularly in the West, I would not have faulted him, but his choice of team really sours my opinion of the man.  Not that he could give two shits.  I have lots more to say about the Celtics off-season, but I will wait until after July 11th to see how things shake out with the rest of the roster.

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