AFC Conference Championships: Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

I have been missing for quite awhile.  Last post was the day before New Years Eve.  I had a great time visiting with my wife's sister and brother in law.  We spent a great extended weekend in New York City.  Visited New Haven and Boston twice.  We drank a lot of great beers, the new Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye is excellent.  We took an informal tour at New England Brewing in New Haven, and I picked up 2 four packs of their 668: Neighbor of the Beast.  We also visited Berkshire Brewing in South Deerfield, MA.  The tour was great, the tour guide was funny and informative, and I sampled both the Imperial Stout and their "Goodbye Irene" beer brewed to help support the local community that was ravaged by the early October storm.  Through all this we watched the NBA season get into swing, and my Celtics, are performing far below expectations.  More on that later.  In the NFL, the Patriots have been rolling and with the Saints and Packers eliminated, the two best teams in the NFL are gone from the playoff "tournament."

The AFC conference championship pits the #2 seed Baltimore Ravens in Foxboro against my #1 seed New England Patriots.  The betting line is Patriots -7, which I think is a bit high, considering the Ravens impressive defense, Ray Rice, and the Patriots defense more full of holes than swiss cheese.  I think the line is elevated by the Patriots destruction of Timothy Tebow.  I think the game will be pretty great and I really hope that Tom Brady and the three headed monster of Gronkowski, Hernandez and Welker will be too much for Baltimore to overcome. The game is at 3pm and if things go well for the Pats they will be in Indy in 2 weeks!

The other game is the red hot New York Giants against the impressive San Francisco 49ers.  No one expected this to be the matchup in the NFC, with the Saints and Packers representing probably 80% of football fans #1 most likely Super Bowl victors.  Hoping for a Giants v Patriots Super Bowl rematch, but I think the 49ers will roll and they are favored by 2.5, and I think theres some value on the Niners at home.

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