Jack3d: First Impressions

I picked up a tub of Jack3d from GNC the other day for 29.99.  It was on sale, and I wanted to give a pre-workout drink a shot.  I chose the Grape Bubblegum flavor, for no particular reason, but it sounded pretty good.  I decided to give it a try last night before my workout. No sugar, creatine, caffeine, and a few other stims make for a good mix with minimal calories = good.

The scoop is extremely school, because as USPLabs says the formula is ultra-concentrated.  I waited roughly 30 minutes before I started to get the tingling feeling to let me know it was time to go workout.  I got in the gym and immediately ran a mile, which is pretty good for me, since I usually do not do much cardio work.  I was still fairly sore, so I skipped squats, which is usually the basis of my workout and went straight to the bench.  I felt pretty strong, focused and motivated.

You can definitely tell this is a stimulant, and there is a decent amount of caffeine, but I felt good in the gym, and there was a bit of a crash after the shower, but not too bad.  I was not up any later than normal, and my workout started at 8:15, so I was surprised with that.

I will finish off the tub, and make another post before reupping with Jack3d or switching to another preworkout supplement.

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