Beervana Festival - Providence, RI, 10/02/2009

This event was absolutely amazing. First of all, the venue was excellent, it was held at the Roger Williams Park and Zoo's Botanical Center, this picture above gives you a good idea of what it was like.

There was a ton of great brewers and importers there, with 2 oz samples a plenty.

Pretty Things Brewery - Cambridge, MA - Saint Botolph's Town, Jack D'or (awesome Saison), American Darling

Stone Brewing Co. - San Diego - Epic Ale was amazing! loved the tangerine or orangey notes, I had already tried the Anniversary Ale and it was good again.

Rob Tod - Allagash Brewing Co. - Portland, ME - gave a talk on barrel aging beers and how each barrel ends up tasting completely different, the Curieux ale was delicious as well as Odyssey.

Sam Calagione of Dog Fish Head gave a great talk on Ancient Ales brewed from a recipe they devised from different archaeological digs. The most interesting of which was Midas Touch, found from the residue within King Midas' tomb. Also Dog Fish had three different cask conditioned Indian Brown Ales each made from different hops, I liked the Liberty hops.

B. United International Imports - I tried the Schneidder Weisse, which was excellent

I also had some Cantillon, which was a great experience although I massacred the name, and was corrected by the guy pouring it.

I also had a chicken sausage with kale and a pineapple slice on top from Julian's which was excellent and some popcorn that was pretty good. Cool that Voss water sponsored it! Definitely a great night for craft brewing in Rhode Island!

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