Think, Act, Prosper: 20 Ways to Go Green That Make a Difference

My other blog is Think, Act, Prosper.  The topic is environmental concerns and discussions of how to go green and live in sync with environmentally friendly practices.  The name of the blog is a very accurate representation of the philosophy.  It is incredibly important to think before acting, as if you don't then you are simply reacting.  By thinking, we can consider multiple strategies or methods to accomplish something.  After thinking about a topic or idea, we can then act in accordance with these plans.  Finally, if we think through problems, then act accordingly, we are certain to prosper.  Prosperity is the goal of every human, and without thinking before acting, especially in regards to how we interact with the environment, this will not happen.

In September 2011, I penned a list of 20 Ways to Go Green That Make a Difference. This list was supposed to be 20 ways that people could effectively make changes that would have an impact.  There are many ways to go green which barely make an impact on the grand scale of things, but these changes were targeted because they require small time and money investments, but pay large dividends, to use a financial metaphor.  I have finally completed this list with 20 blog posts on the various topics. Please check it out below.

Think, Act, Prosper
20 Ways to Go Green that Make a Difference

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