Brazil Part 1

I am down in Brazil, visiting with Marina's family and enjoying her lovely city of Natal.  Located on the northeast coast of Brazil, the weather is perfect and the natural beauty is amazing.  The city is developing at an impressive rate, and one of Marina's brother in law's cousins told me that it is considered one of the "hottest" real estate markets on the continent.  There is construction everywhere and the city is modernizing at a ferocious rate.  With that said, it is great place for both locals and the numerous tourists.

We took a tour of the Parque das Dunas, a large urban park in Natal, in fact it is the second largest urban park in the country.  There are several paths which lead from the entrance out towards the ocean. Here we are rounding the last corner of the dune.

Not mean mugging, it was just so bright out there.  Ponta Negra and the the beach are in the background.

Drinking a well-earned fresh young coconut afterwards.  Vita Coco ain't got shit on me.

Afterwards, we were hungry for lunch and Rodrigo suggested a local sushi place.  You paid by the pound, and it was roughly $25/kilogram, which works out to like $11.36/lb, not bad for sushi.

Grabbed a couple random sashimi pieces and my favorite was at the top, left.  Salmon, cream cheese, with a shrimp on top.  Whole plate cost R$24.50, so like $12 USD.  Totally worth it.  Washed it down with a beer.

Was feeling a little tired after, and grabbed an "energetico," made by Coca Cola and sponsored by David Guetta, pretty cool.

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