Grenadine Ties


If I could only own one tie, it would definitely be a grenadine.  It goes with everything, since it is plain, but it has enough texture due to the way that it is made, that its not boring.  They are made by various makers, but I prefer mine to be about 3.5 inches in length, as with most of my other ties.  Plain colors match with everything and you can even keep a bright stripey Etro under control with one.  Looks great with suits or sportcoats. 

J.Press has some on sale in the skinny and normal length variety, a bargain at under $65.

Paul Stuart offers them for $98.60

Sam Hober offers them for $80

There are a number of other higher end retailers who offer this fine neckwear option such as Brioni, Drakes, (pictured above) Turnbull and Asser if you have more money to spend, then go one of those routes.

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