Link Dump #3

Here is a collection of links I have observed since last week.  Please feel free to check them out if they interest you, and I apologize if they are not exactly to your taste.

American Beer Geek in Paris - Beer Tasting - Short post by a blogger that I like, I think the layout of his blog could be improved, but the beers all look great, and I am totally jealous of this guy's life!

The Local CBS affiliate in San Francisco ran a little series on the Paleo diet, very good set of videos, results for the lady are quite impressive!

Looks like there is more evidence proving that organic farming is extremely beneficial.

Mark Sisson's new book 21 Day Total Body Transformation is available, and he is running a promotion for those of us who decide to buy the book before Monday.

New Supreme x Clarks Desert Mali boots look great in leather, also available in suede.'

Awesome and incredibly inspirational post from NerdFitness.  We all need to take risks and fail more so that we can improve.

BS Report with Al Michaels on 10/14 is great too!

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