NBA/NHL Finals Update

We are in the midst of both the NBA and NHL Finals. Unfortunately the Celtics are not anywhere near the NBA Finals, but as a huge basketball fan, I am still definitely into the series. Although Dallas was the underdog, they have a ton of support from the public, especially in my neck of the woods. The series is currently Miami -330 and I believe they are still at least 1 to 4 to win the series, although I don't usually like laying that much chalk. The first game went as much as I expected for the entire series, Miami basically in the drivers seat. Game 2 was going much of the same direction, and at one point Miami was up 15 and Lebron/Wade were chest bumping each other with big shit-eating grins. Then Dallas proceeded to go on a 20-2 run, winning the game by 2 to take the series back to Dallas even. Last night was Game 3 and although I did not watch the majority of it, I monitored the score, and Miami was cruising the majority of the game. Although they brought it within 2, Dirk had 2 chances at the end of the game, throwing away the ball in the first possession, and missing the shot over Haslem with 4.4 seconds to go, ending the affair. Wade and Lebron are too strong, and are starting to get Bosh going, so to restate, I do not think there is any value in taking Dallas for the series even at +300.

The finals of the French Open/Roland Garros (how about that for Anglicization) was surprisingly not Nadal v. Djokovic. The semi-finals of the open was the most exciting, Nadal destroyed Andy Murray in the morning, but the afternoon match of Federer/Djokovic were what people were anticipating. Federer who is a lot older, and not having quite the drive and motivation the Serb has. not to mention the momentum. However, Djokovic is not quite as strong on clay, and Federer who was +275 took the match in 4 sets, with a very convincing performance. I enjoyed the match immensely, and was looking forward to Sunday's final. Rain was threatening the match, but the day ended up going smoothly, and Nadal won in 4 sets. He won the first two, although they were fairly close, and was up 4 games to 2, when Federer hit the gas pedal, and won the set 7-5. Federer started the 4th set strongly up 40-0 and about to break the first game, but Nadal adjusted and was able to win that game and ultimately cruised to another Grand Slam victory.

Most important and closest to me is the NHL Stanley Cup Finals and my boys the Boston Bruins. Tonight is the first game in Boston, and the B's are in a 0-2 hole to the heavily favored Vancouver Canucks. The weird Swedish Sedin twins, the biter Alexandre Burrows, and Ryan Kessler have dominated the series, although both games were decided by one goal. The first was a defensive/goalkeeping showcase with the Canucks scoring with 20 seconds to go in the game, and everyone here in Boston was crushed. The most memorable part of this game Burrows clearly biting Patrice Bergeron, although the NHL claims they lacked evidence to suspend him. Saturday night, they played game 2, which was a much better showing, the Bruins dominated the 2nd period, scoring on a power play (very tough for us to do this playoff) and taking a 2-1 lead. I knew that the Canucks were going to come out strong in the 3rd period, and managed to tie the game up. After that it looked like it was simply their game to lose, even though it was a tie. The Bruins played solid defense and had several chances, but it seemed like the Canucks were going to win. However, they lasted through the 3rd and went to overtime. Amazingly, Burrows beat Chara and scored after 11 seconds of OT and everyone was crushed once again. Burrows, who probably should not have been in the game was involved in 2 of 3 of the Canucks goals, much to the dismay of Bruins supporters. Bruins have a must-win game tonight at the Garden 8PM EST.

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