The Boston Bruins came back to Boston last night, and after a crushing hit on Nathan Horton in the first period, the Bruins decided to hit back, both physically and on the scoreboard. Boston went on to score 8 goals and only gave up 1 rather lackluster goal. Some highlights included Marchand's patience, waiting until the last second to punish Luongo for a shorthanded goal. The Bruins were able to score 2 powerplay goals, which had been a nagging problem throughout the playoffs. Tim Thomas delivered an awesome crosscheck to Henrik Sedin as he tried to make a play right in front of the net, and was completely lain out as seen above. Lucic was feisty and taunted Burrows effectively, sticking his hand right in his face. Daniel Sedin was a real pussy, and showed that once again, resulting in a 10 minute misconduct penalty as the game got chippy at the end. Boston scored on their last 3 shots, and really punished Luongo. Hopefully they can continue this momentum as they need to win 3 of the next 4 games to bring home the Cup.

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