Superfuture Beer Swap

There's an awesome thread in the Superfuture forums titled State Your Beer Drinkers and its all about craft beer, one of my biggest hobbies/interests. We generally discuss the goings on in the beer world, new releases, and of course pictures of what we are currently drinking. There are a number of regulars who post a couple times a week, a bunch of contributors who post every once and awhile, and the requisite non-regulars who pop in and say "when i drink beer, i prefer dos equis." Some of us regulars decided to organize a swap in which we each send each other a package full of beers, its basically a trade.
The rules to include were ~100 oz beer including one barrel/oak aged brew, and at least 50% locals. The total value of the beer should be roughly $30 and the unspoken agreement among traders that a couple "extras" should be thrown in. I am going to mail my package tomorrow, and so as not to spoil it, will include pictures/descriptions of the brews I added in a future post.

My "secret santa" was soonami, a dude from Philly, who is apparently homebrewer/beer trader extraordinaire. He sent me some really awesome brews! (not my images)

Voodoo Brewery's Big Black Voodoo Daddy - which looks pretty badass and is a PA local

Cigar City's Maduro Brown Ale - B- overall a solid brown ale, just not my favorite style

Sly Fox IPA - A-

Sly Fox Pikeland Pils - B+ - both canned, local (to soonami), and really drinkable and that's awesome

Weyerbacher Insanity/Heresy - Barrel Aged Barleywine and Stout, respectively. I have had both of these and they are relatively commonplace around here, so I am going to throw them in my parent's basement and drink them next winter.

Russian River Redemption - corked & caged 375 ml bottle, Belgian "blonde" which I am looking forward to as Russian River is extremely limited/hyped, and not distributed in the Boston area.

Russian River Consecration - super excited to try this beer, it has been aged with wild "brettanomyces" yeast which imparts a funky, sour flavor to the beer. this specific beer has been aged in wine barrels with currants added, and clocks in at 10%. going to share this with one of my buddies who is into other sours such as Cantillon and Drie Fonteinen.
4/3 edit: I will give this brew an A- it was a lot less sour/more boozy than I expected, but very complex and tasty, I think I prefer Rodenbach Grand Cru (don't shoot me though)

I want to say thank you to soonami for an awesome package! I hope my swap's recipient on the other side of the continent will be hopefully be as happy as I am with this one. I will give some details next friday after that package touches down.

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