Short's Brewing

Short's is a tiny Bellaire, Michigan based micro-brewery that has a particularly large following in the beer geek community. They are renowned for trying strange and experimental brews such as Key Lime Pie & Bloody Beer made with real lime and roma tomatos, respectively.

They are not normally distributed in Massachusetts, and according to the beer community in the midwest, they are barely able to meet demand in their home state. However, they were taking a truck out here to Boston based BeerAdvocate's Extreme Beer Fest, and decided to pack the truck with enough beers to provide to distributors as a one-off opportunity.

I wasn't able to acquire any of the beers at my local liquor store, but I happened to be out in Western Mass, and stumbled into Russell's in Amherst Center. I asked them if there was any beer they had around here that I wouldn't be able to get in Boston. They pulled these Short's brews off the shelf and I took a single of each of them. $8 well spent on Hangin' Frank, Huma Lupa Licious, Bellaire Brown, and The Magician. I actually just polished off Hangin' Frank a few moments ago, inspiring me to write up this blog. Very solid IPA, fruity nose A-/B+ overall for me. If have an opportunity to acquire any of this stuff, I highly recommend it.

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