Food: Roasted Chicken and Winter Veggies

Cooked up a meal for the week, and decided to share it with the blog, as I had my camera on hand. The meal was Roasted Chicken Breast and Winter Veggies. I basically used all the veggies I had left in my fridge. This included 2 sweet potatoes, (picked up on sale for .69/lb) a big ass zucchini, 2 carrots, various mushrooms, and a couple strips of green pepper.

Started by grilling up the chicken breast (1.5ish lbs) in the cast iron skillet with salt, pepper, and italian seasonings.

Next, washed, cut, and cubed the various veggies and threw them in a casserole tray.

When the chicken was mostly done grilling, I cut it up into smaller pieces, and threw it on top of the casserole.

Dribbled a little more olive oil on top, and put it into the pre heated oven at 400* for about an hour, stirring once or twice.

Enjoyed with a delicious Bell's Porter my uncle brought me from MI, that paired exceptionally well!

Happy Easter! Glad the Celtics brought their brooms to NY... #18....

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