Sante Adairius (SARA) West Ashley

As described by Sante Adairius themselves, West Ashley is "orange, lactic, and bursting with apricot aroma, West Ashley is built for consideration and conversation. While Ashley starts as a simple Saison, careful aging in French Oak Pinot Noir barrels with apricots, our house microbes, and warm encouragement transform her into a tart, complex and delectable beer."

I opened this beer up on a Friday after a long week at work and I wanted to drink something special.  I have had the beer before, but only split between 4 friends at a tasting event.  The beer is very apricot centric, but it is definitely does not have the same bitterness of a typical american wild ale like Duck Duck Gooze.  I would classify it as a funky saison with apricots added, however "classifying" a beer like this is kind of foolish as it really is in a class of its own.  

Great ratings on Beeradvocate and hard to trade for, but worth seeking out!

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