Panerai PAM111 E Series (2002) Sausage Dial - Recent Acquisition

My recent addition to the watch stable is a Panerai PAM111 E Series.  This watch which is from the 2002 vintage of 3500 PAM111s features the "sausage" dial which means the numbers are painted on, rather than sandwiched like in later versions.  Maybe somewhat less desirable, but a bit more collectible.  I had been looking for a Panerai for awhile, and the PAM111 with its second hand at 9 o'clock and no date was a great option.  The E Series also features the graffiti decorated movement that is visible on the back of the case, adds some nice visual interest.  I have worn this watch every day since picking it up, and believe I got quite a discount at $3,000.  It does not have the original strap or buckle, but that's not a problem for me.  I did not get the original box either, which is not a problem, but was able to get the certificate of authenticity with matching serial number, which gives me some comfort.  Check out the on-wrist and movement images below!

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