PICKUPS: Hermes & Vineyard Vines Ties

Although I never wear ties, I love picking them up.  I hope to be able to transition out of the back office world of ill-fitting polos fairly soon, but who knows.  While I see good deals, I have to pick them up!

Many of my items come from thrift stores and eBay, I simply can't afford retail for the type of stuff I like. In addition, I am a member of several forums in which the members post their recent finds.  There is a number of sales and trades behind the scenes via private message as well, and I tend to partake if I spot something I like, and the price is reasonable. 

Both of these ties came from such transactions.  The first is a wonderful Hermes from a thrift store in Colorado.  A forum acquaintance sold this to me for the reasonable sum of $50.  This is the most I have ever spent on a tie, but I really like the graphics, and Hermes ties tend to retain their value.  I would have preferred navy blue, but this forest/army green is quiet pleasant as well.  This tie is in absolutely MINT condition as well.

The second tie came from another forum acquaintance located in the Chicago area.  It is a Vineyard Vines tie, which I mentioned as one of my summer favorites in a recent article.  It features a lovely bee graphic in a beautiful aqua color. A great tie!

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