Bing Rewards

I have been using the Bing website recently, instead of Google.  I find it to be equally helpful, and some of the additional features are better than Googles.  I still much prefer GMail and Google Reader, and of course Blogger, all of which are amazing Google products, and their compatibility may bring me back to using Google as a search engine.

The real reason I have converted to Bing is the new Bing Rewards Program.  You get credits for every search and often for other easy to complete tasks.  These credits can be redeemed for cool prizes, such as Xbox Live Subscriptions, donations to charity, or my most recent reward a $5 Starbucks gift card (see picture below!).  I love drinking coffee, and the office coffee is not up to par with the brown stuff Starbucks vends.  I may only get enough points to redeem 1 gift card per month, but I will take that benefit in exchange for using Bing.  Check out the other available prizes above!

I recommend you check it out, sign up through my link.  (Full disclosure, I receive 5 credits for every one who signs up through this link)

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