5/9/12 Link Dump

I haven't done this segment in awhile, but I have been gathering up a bunch of great links to share.  With the Celtics not able to put away the Hawks last night, bringing the series back to Boston, I am feeling a bit blue to be creative today. 

Ray Allen's Pregame Routine - I am a big fan of Jesus Shuttlesworth.  His timely 3's just make you cheer, and his calm and cool demeanor, as well as sick Jordan shoes are all admirable.  This is a short film of his pre-game workout routine.  He must be doing something right to be the all-time 3 point shot leader in the NBA.

AContinuousLean on Outlier - I have been debating picking up a pair of Outlier trousers.  I think this will be one of my expenses when I get back down to my ideal weight, and waist size!

Sherry - The Trad's "Tin Tin" is one of my favorite bloggers, especially when he discusses booze.  This is a great one, and I think I will pick up a bottle of sherry on my next stop through the New Hampshire liquor outlets.

How to Live Well - Minimalism from Zen Habits

The Gentry Man - Giuseppe reccomends picking up this compendium of Gentry magazine.  Great for those of you who fantisize about "a time when men wore suits during the day."

Occupy Galt's Gulch - I reccomend everyone read this.  Many of the entitled in this society do not neccessarily comprehend or choose to acknowledge that their success is a result of the pain of others, rather than their tremendous skills.  Clearly TED understands, and it is an important reminder, although my station in life is certainly the latter.

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