Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts

I recently came across a fine bargain for a Charles Tyrwhitt shirt.  The deal is a new Charles Tyrwhitt shirt, from a selection of several hundred patterns and colors as well as a free tie and free shipping for $39.50.  I am not affiliated with Charles Tyrwhitt in any way, but this is an awesome deal!  I have come across a number of Tyrwhitt shirts in my thrifting adventures, and I always grab them, because they are very popular and high quality.  I decided to take the plunge and ordered a white "oxford" shirt with standard button cuffs in their "slim" fit.  I also ordered a navy tie with small polka dots and grabbed a pair of silk knots for my Turnbull & Asser shirt.  The grand total: $45.50.

I patiently waited for the items to arrive, and after about 7 or 8 days, the package showed up.

The tie is a fine silk, and fairly slim.  I left the tags on, but plan on wearing it for my next formal obligation.

I prefer button cuffs, as they are more appropriate for my station in the business world (a grunt) and a white, business shirt one of those staples you will always need as many as you can get!

A nice Tyrwhitt touch, complementary bronze collar stays.

The fit is pretty good, although the shirt could definitely use a good pressing.  Here I am with my new Turnbull & Asser tie, and a pair of charcoal wool Zanellas.  Please excuse the douchebaggy face, caught myself mid blink!

Here are the silk knot cufflinks with the aforementioned T&A shirt, a Paul Stuart tie, and the same Zanellas, a little untucked, but I am pleased with the links

Received a catalog that is pretty tastefully done and highlights the collection.  I enjoy those farthing cufflinks in the bottom photo, definitely on my list.  The Ben Silver catalog arrived on the same day and is fantastic as well!

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