Mixed 12 Packs: Sierra Nevada Beercamp & Sam Adams Latitude 48

This one time at beercamp... Sierra Nevada hosts an annual "beercamp" where they brew a bunch of beers and this year they are releasing a "Best of Beercamp" mixed 12 pack. This is huge news in and of itself, because I have never seen a mixed Sierra Nevada 12 pack, before. I like mixed 12s, because you get a bunch of beer, which is obviously great, but it allows you to buy only a couple of each beers at a reasonable price per bottle, great for craft beer newbies. This mixed pack includes a Double IPA, (previously known as (Ghidorah) a Weizenbock, a Black IPA and a California Common. (like Anchor Steam) I have heard that this mixed pack will be ~$20, which is higher than normal, but is definitely worth it for 3 DIPAs, and other beers which are produced in much smaller quantities than their standard lineup.

Samuel Adams has also come out with its out mixed 12 pack, based on their Latitude 48 IPA. The original Latitude 48 IPA is a solid IPA that has been around for the past 18 months, featuring 5 hop varieties all grown on the 48th Parallel, thus the name. This mixed 12 pack will include 2 of the original Latitude 48 as well as 2 "single hop" IPAs, using solely each of the different hops. They are as follows: Ahtanum, Zeus, and Simcoe, Hattertau Mittlefrueh and East Kent Goldings. The first three are from the Yakima region of the Pacific Northwest, and the final two are not typically highlighted in American IPAs. I am looking forward to Simcoe and Zeus most, but the other 3 should definitely be enlightening. This will run about $15, much more affordable than the Mikkeller "Single Hop IPAs" at $6/12 oz bottle. Check out more info @ TheBostonGlobe.

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