Morning Routine: Aeropress Coffee & Four Hour Chef Eggs

So my morning routine consists of scrambled eggs and coffee.  Pretty normal, right?  I have tried my best to optimize this routine to make the best quality coffee and eggs in the shortest amount of time.  I really enjoyed Tim Ferriss' book The Four Hour Chef, and saw that he also uses the Aeropress, which I have been a convert to for several years now.  However, I used to be a fried egg man, Tim's book has convinced me that scrambled is the way to go.

Here is what you need to get started with the coffee.  I use freshly roasted beans, from Barismo, if I have recently taken a trip to Boston.  Whole Foods is a local stand by as they offer freshly roasted beans at a great price, and there are no good local roasters.  The beans in my grinder this morning are actually from Coffee Labs Roasters of Tarrytown, NY.  Happened to be down that way and picked up an lb.

Not gonna give you the play by play, I pretty much follow the standard instructions.

Today I decided to use a combo of Curry Powder, Garlic Powder, Red Chili Flakes, and S+P.  Organic Eggs and Grapeseed oil are all the other ingredients needed.


Cleanup is an absolute cinch!  

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