eBay Items

I just posted a gaggle of items to eBay.  Feel free to check them out, or just ignore this post!

1) T.M. Lewin Dress Shirt

Great TM Lewin dress shirt.  Spread collar, perfect condition, the sleeves are too long, and I like a pocket on my dress shirts.  $33 shipped buy it now seems fair.

2) Mercer and Sons OCBD

Another great dress/casual shirt.  These boxy, baggy Mercer & Sons shirts are great.  I picked this one up off the bay with a twin brother for $50 a year ago or so.  I like the shirts, but the fabric is a little bit lighter than I would like, and the color leaves something to be desired.  Huge collar roll is nice.  $36 including postage.

3) Vineyard Vines Tie

Lovely Vines tie with the Susan G. Komen Cure for Breast Cancer logo on bright yellow silk.  Someone gave this to me.  Its yours for a penny, to start.

4) Ermenegildo Zegna Tie

Italian tie, why buy it at Neimans when you can get it for $22 on eBay?

5) wife's Barneys top (XS)

It was either here or the thrift store...someone will want it I hope!

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